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Booksonic: setting up on linux

I've been running booksonic for a few months now. I have had it running under a rocker container as I wanted to get some experience with socket and this wasn't really a critical application so I could deal with it being a bit buggy. Fast forward to today and I have been unhappy with the reliability of the docker setup and I'm relying more on the booksonic platform for audiobooks. I haven't yet migrated podcasts on there but there is potential and it offers some advantages over iTunes. All this is to say that I recently removed the docker container and set up booksonic natively…

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New Year Resolutions

It's been 10 days since the start of 2018. How are your resolutions tracking? I've never really been the type of person who makes resolutions in the new year partly because they don't work and partly because I don't think you need an arbitrary date on a calendar to bring about meaningful change in your life. And yet I still sometimes get caught in the tradition. Thinking about resolutions this year I came to the conclusion that the reason resolutions often fail is that they are simply fads followed as part of the rigmarole of celebrations. So in order to try to get some changes…

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What’s going on with Facebook?

As some people have noticed, I haven't been active on Facebook for some time now. I thought I would explain my reasons for no longer using this service and offer a means for people to keep in touch and up to date with my goings on. I used to update my status occasionally but check other people's updates regularly throughout the day. Facebook would often be my destination in the morning and I would browse through my friends updates over my breakfast. I would also follow various news sites and groups/pages sharing opinions and debates on various issues. In an attempt to keep my views…

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