No one is kicking out Muslims

The Age recently published this article which, from what I can tell, does nothing to add to the current debate in Australia at the moment regarding Muslim immigration. This is a sentiment which has been brewing for some time in the community but has come to prominence publicly due to the reemergence of Pauline Hanson in

Peter Greste on press freedom

I heard a very interesting radio interview with Peter Greste recently and much of what he had to say regarding press freedom is relevant to many discussions today; particularly those which are shut down or silenced by extremists. Listening to Peter (towards the end of the interview), it’s very difficult to distinguish the difference between

The Oscars are problematic

So it has come to my attention that the Oscars are racist. Like completely and utterly racist. Like the 5,783 strong membership all parade around Hollywood in hooded white robes persecuting minorities. Why else would the Academy’s board be introducing sweeping changes to immediately and significantly increase diversity? Their African American, female president is such

Let’s talk about sex … and gender

A friend linked me to this video – a short debate between a trans-man and a feminist and it has been interesting to read about the issues currently being explored in the UK. The UK already has laws governing intersexuality and transsexuality but the Women and Equalities Committee, after conducting hearings, has reported that the current

Radical Feminism is batshit crazy

I thought it would be important, given a post I have planned, to explain and understand the radfem collective and what radical feminism is exactly. And by that, I mean, point out how their manifesto is just plain stupid.

Stephanie Wood thinks everything is sexist

Stephanie Wood writes in The Age about a recent scene between Monika Radulovic and Hamish McLachlan. Given the recent media stirring around the Chris Gayle affair, Stephanie obviously wanted to draw some comparisons and slingshot of the airtime of that inappropriate event. So let’s see how she tackles this.

How to be a feminist – Anita Sarkeesian

The speech below was given by Anita Sarkeesian at the 2015 All About Women conference held in Sydney, at a panel titled, “how to be a feminist”. On this panel was Anita Sarkeesian, Germaine Greer, Roxane Gay, Tara Moss, Celeste Liddle and Clementine Ford. I’m starting with Anita’s comments but intend to deconstruct the other

TL;DR vs Jacq’d Up

TL;DR makes excellent videos debunking stupidity. I strongly encourage you to subscribe to his channel and check out more of his well researched videos.

Selfishly hijacking tragedy

Clementine Ford has sunk to new lows, by taking the news of deaths in Port Lincoln, South Australia and turning the conversation away from a key issue in favour of her own talking point. I completely understand that she is a columnist and paid to provide her opinions on current events; but should that come at the expense of other, important issues?