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Automated receipt organisation

So I'm the kind of massive nerd that scans every receipt and archives it for posterity. For the past four years I've been doing this manually but I've recently set up a system that watches a folder for any scanned documents, OCR's them and then archives them appropriately. The OCR step is vital because it allows me to then index the contents, making all my receipts for the last four years fully searchable. Nice! Now all that's left for me to do is feed paper through the scanner roughly once a week. I also scan my other mail and important documents but this is more…

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Booksonic: setting up on linux

I've been running booksonic for a few months now. I have had it running under a docker container as I wanted to get some experience with docker and this wasn't really a critical application so I could deal with it being a bit buggy. Fast forward to today and I have been unhappy with the reliability of the docker setup and I'm relying more on the booksonic platform for audiobooks. I haven't yet migrated podcasts on there but there is potential and it offers some advantages over iTunes. All this is to say that I recently removed the docker container and set up booksonic natively…

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