Build a set of cloud based tools that assist with the complex financial decision making involved when investing in property.


  • Australian focus: catering for Australia’s specific tax rules and financial regime
  • Calculation engine: run entirely in browser with no need to ever touch a spreadsheet
  • Targeted reports: catering for different audiences (e.g. investors, financiers, accountants, advisers)
    • including narrative blocks, graphics and tabular data as appropriate
    • provide key ratios with discussion
  • Loan calculator: tools to analyse various loan options
  • Portfolio approach: consider an investors total property portfolio rather than a single, stand-alone property approach
  • Entity support: allow selection of individual, company, trust or SMSF for analysis
  • SaaS licensing: individual subscription and site licenses available
    • site licenses to provide accountants/advisers access to conduct financial modelling on behalf of clients with white label reports