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Chorizo & Chickpea Risoni with Wilted Baby Spinach

Yields1 Serving

 1 tbsp olive oil
 1 red capsicum, halved & deseeded
 1 mild chorizo, sliced thinly on the diagonal
 2 tsp smoked paprika
 ½ red onion, finely chopped
 2 garlic cloves, peeled & crushed
 1 cup risoni
 400 g diced tomatoes
 400 g chickpeas, drained & rinsed
 ¾ cup water
 1 tsp brown sugar
 30 g baby spinach leaves, washed
 1 parsley bunch, finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 220°C.


On the foil lined tray, place the red capsicum halves cut side down and bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until they have blistered and the skin loosens. Carefully remove the tray and wrap the capsicum in the foil and allow it to steam for 5 minutes. Unwrap and peel back the charred skin, then slice the flesh into small strips.


Meanwhile, heat a heavy based pot or casserole dish over a medium-high heat. Add in the olive oil and chorizo and fry for 5 minutes, or until it is nice and crispy on the edges. Then add the smoked paprika, red onion, and garlic and saute for 2 minutes. Add the risoni and stir to coat the grains then add the diced tomatoes, chickpeas, water and brown sugar and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the risoni is soft (but not mushy!). Add a little extra water if the dish is too dry. Stir through the cooked capsicum and baby spinach leaves until wilted.


To serve, divide the chorizo stew between bowls and serve with parsley on top. Enjoy!